Disaster Relief

Disaster Preparedness and Restoration Services

At Ross Services Corp., we provide comprehensive disaster preparedness and restoration services to safeguard your property and assist in rapid recovery.

  • Disaster Preparedness: Our team is ready with board-ups, sandbags, and securing measures for doors, windows, and outbuildings to mitigate damage from impending disasters.
  • Storm and Tornado Cleanup: Prioritizing safety, we handle the challenging tasks of storm and tornado cleanup, including turning off gas and power and coordinating with rescue crews.
  • Flood Damage Management: In flood-prone areas, we take proactive steps like sandbagging and boarding up, followed by cleanup and restoration services. Floodwaters often carry bacteria and debris, and our experts are equipped to handle these challenges safely and efficiently.
  • Damage Assessments and Restoration: We assist in damage assessment, providing written reports for insurance claims. Our restoration services are comprehensive, covering everything from minor repairs to complete rebuilding.
  • Hurricane Preparedness: To prepare for hurricanes, we offer property-securing services, transportation assistance, and essential supply recommendations.

Our Commitment:

At Ross Services Corp., we’re committed to helping you through every stage of disaster management, from preparedness to rebuilding. Don’t let disasters disrupt your peace of mind. Ross Services Corp. offers complete disaster preparedness and restoration services to protect your property and facilitate swift recovery. Contact us for expert support in every phase of disaster management.

Stay Prepared and Recover Faster

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